Car Driving Simulator (EF-X2)
Car Driving Simulator EF-X2, is a training tool for teaching road safety education, raise ecological awareness and make your students anticipate risky situations. Thanks to this car driving simulator and its innovative and practical for its design, motion platform and software, you will be able to offer a complete driving training solution.
System Overview:

  • Maximise training time
  • Preserve driving sensations
  • Immersive and realistic driving environment
  • Motion platform version available for increased immersion
  • The most complete hardware solution

Applications for Driving Simulation:
  • Car Driving Simulators: Simulation Training Systems for Car Driving (Initial / advanced driving training)
  • Car Driving Simulators: Simulation Training systems for Eco driving (Advanced driving training)
  • Car Driving Simulators: Simulation Training systems for safe driving in risky situations (Advanced driving training)
  • Law Enforcement Simulators: Simulation Training Systems for Law Enforcement Vehicle Driving (Driving Training / Mission driving training)

  • Genuine car manufacturer parts
  • Metal base frame
  • Easy to move and install
  • Adjustable seat
  • 6 speeds transmission
  • Force feedback steering wheel

Available Options:
  • Advanced Driving Training (Eco-Driving, Risk Awareness, Social Behaviour, etc.)
  • Detailed fuel consumption, braking, wheel/road surface contact simulation
  • Instructor Operator Station
  • Many languages and road signs types for perfect immersion
  • Motion Platform


More than 200 kms (125 miles) in various environments with the possibility to configure:
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle load
  • Tyre wear and pressure
  • Road type (city, country side, mountain, etc.)
  • Traffic
  • Weather
It includes also a large variety of scenarios that can be recorded for training sessions analysis.


The EF-X2 helps achieve many goals:
  • Getting students more confident and involved
  • Maximising training time
  • Optimising costs and time
  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Complying with the Road Safety Decade (UN 2011-2020)

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Product: Car Driving Simulator (EF-X2)
Product Code: EF-X2

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