48 V On-board Power Network UniTrain Course
This UniTrain Course describes the full structure of a 48 V sub-system for an on-board power network and how it is incorporated into the rest of the vehicle with the help of intricate animations and targeted theory. Safety-related skills are fostered by means of numerous practical exercises where trainees have to use various methods to isolate the 48-V system, for example. A special focus is put on the fault case scenerio, if the shutdown procedure cannot be performed correctly. The package is rounded off with built-in interactive fault simulation, which helps to convey the necessary diagnostic capabilities.
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Training Topics:
  • Design of a 48-V on-board sub-network
  • Integration into vehicles
  • Typical 48V components
  • Isolation of 12V/48V on-board network
  • Sample applications
  • Circuit diagrams for 48-V on-board sub-networks
  • Isolating/disconnecting 48-V on-board sub-networks
  • Safety procedures for diagnostic work
  • Diagnostics
Product: 48 V On-board Power Network UniTrain Course
Product Code: CO4205-1T

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