Closed-loop Liquid Level / Flow-rate Control
Due to the fact that the controlled variable, that is to say the level of liquid, is immediately visible, this experiment is a particularly graphic one and thus eminently suitable for an introduction to automatic control technology. The compact training unit contains a liquid reservoir and a pressure transducer to determine the actual liquid level, as well as reserve tanks including a pump. Disturbance variables can be simulated using adjustable throttle valves which modify the inlet and outlet flows at the reservoir.

This Training System is a Supplement Equipment Set to the:

Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 PLC Basic Equipment Set

Training Concepts:

Automatic Liquid-level Control:
  • Assembly, calibration and optimisation of a liquid-level control loop with variable system characteristics
  • Two-position controller in an integral action system and a controlled system with higher order delay
  • Two-position controller with delayed feedback in a liquid-level control loop
  • Two-position controller with float switch
  • Automatic liquid-level control with disturbance variable forward feed and pre-control
  • Second-order time delay controlled system with optional supplementary tank

Automatic Flow-rate Control:
  • Assembly, calibration and optimisation of a flow-rate control loop connected to a liquid level controlled system
  • Principle, response and deployment of flow-rate measurement
  • Investigation of closed-loop flow-rate control response to disturbance variables and set-point step changes
Product: Closed-loop Liquid Level / Flow-rate Control
Product Code: CLC 36

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