Servo Technology with UniTrain-I System
Modern servo technology has become the centerpiece of many production facilities incorporating short cycles. For instance, servo drives ensure the rapid yet precise movements of industrial robots. Progressive automation has turned servo technology into an important topic. In the UniTrain-I course on positioning and speed control, the trainees experiment with different applications and perform initial parameterisations as part of their own projects. With the UniTrain-I self-learning program, the trainees create a broad basis for subsequently dealing with quasi-industrial and original industrial applications.
Training Concepts:
  • Angular and speed control
  • Positions and speed detection by means of an incremental encoder
  • Control characteristic, dead time, transient response, system deviation and control oscillation
  • Step response and time constant
  • Operation using various controller types
  • Investigating a servo drive response to load variations
  • Course Duration: approx. 4 h
Product: Servo Technology with UniTrain-I System
Product Code: SO4204-8H

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