Example: Production Line with 8 Stations (PLC)
This facility can be used for fully automated assembly of a 3-part work piece (up to eight different final products being permissible).

IMS 28 Production Line comprises the following stations: All stations can be used individually or combined as required. Carriers on dual conveyor belts are used to transport work pieces between the individual stations.

Other Available Production Lines:
  • Production Line with 6 Stations (IMS 26) (Sorting, Assembly, Processing, Testing, Storage and Disassembly by a Robot Stations)

  • Production Line with 5 Stations (IMS 25) (Sorting, Assembly, Processing, Testing and Storage Stations)

  • Production Line with 4 Stations (IMS 24) (Sorting, Assembly, Testing and Handling Stations)

  • Production Line with 3 Stations (IMS 23) (Sorting, Testing and Handling Stations)
All Production Lines are controlled by a PLC.
Your Benefits:
  • Making exclusive use of actuators and sensors found typically in industrial applications, this training facility permits realistic simulations of complex, continuous industrial production processes.
  • The facility is also controlled by PLC systems commonly used in the industry and incorporating a process-field bus as well as decentralized peripherals.
  • Optional extensions comprising modern, industrial communication systems are provided for.
  • Promoting an acquisition of skills as part of teamwork, the system enables students to independently gain a basic understanding of mechatronics systems.
  • Each station is designed so that the student can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge step-by-step, starting with simple automation operations and sequences, and ending in development of complex automation programs.
Product: Example: Production Line with 8 Stations (PLC)
Product Code: IMS 28

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