Advanced Manufacturing and Robotics

Advanced Manufacturing

Since its beginning over 10 years ago, Training Systems Australia has been at the forefront of supplying innovative teaching solutions in the areas of advanced manufacturing and robotics. Such is the recognition of Training Systems Australia's work in these fields, that leading developers of this technology have sought to partner with us to bring their products to Australia and New Zealand.

Recently, Training Systems Australia was appointed the exclusive representative for Rethink Robotics, the developer of the Baxter Research Robot as well as Robai Corporation who have created the Cyton Robotic Arms.

Robotics Training and Robotics Research

Training Systems Australia is proud to have supplied Heathfield High School in the Adelaide Hills with a complete CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) system for robotics training which includes several robots, CNC lathe, CNC Mill, conveyors, CAD/CAM software, vision control and process automation systems. The CIM has been a regular part of the Schools robotics research over the last 4 years, exposing students to technologies vital to a modern manufacturing sector.

Process Automation and Mechatronics Teaching Solutions

The Industrial Mechatronics System from Lucas-Nulle is a recognised world leader in the field of mechatronics and process automation teaching. With the ability to control the IMS via PLC or UniTrain-I, it is a highly flexible blended learning solution for those teaching in these fields.

Our range includes equipment suitable for all levels of teaching, from Schools to Technical Colleges and Universities and also incorporates world recognised systems for teaching underpinning knowledge and advanced skills in areas such as Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Food Processing, Chemical Processing, Oil & Gas and much more.

We also have a wide range of engineering training equipment to suit civil, mechanical and electrical engineering to meet the needs of Universities delivering high level and research-based teaching.

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