Product Release: VP3D – Augmented Reality Spray Paint Training by VirtualPaint

Training Systems Australia is proud to announce the release of VP3D, the latest in virtual reality paint training from VirtualPaint.

Leveraging from the highly awarded, semi-immersive 2D version, which has proven a popular and well-used resource for many of our TAFE, Polytechnic and Technical College clients over the years, the VP3D now allows trainees to enter an augmented reality and spray 3-dimensional parts in a realistic booth environment.

Based on extensive research of paint application methods and techniques, the innovative equipment provides a simulated work environment to allow trainees of all levels to learn, develop and improve their techniques, all within a safe environment.

Unrestricted practice capabilities, with no paint costs or environmental waste, no setup or clean-up time, coupled with immediate feedback on trainee performance, makes this a highly valuable tool to complement traditional training approaches.

The system allows users to interact with real spray application equipment (a range of industrial spray gun types are available, which are lightly modified with tracking technology), a key part of the skill development process. The augmented reality aspect utilises quality VR headset technology (HTC – VIVE) and combined with the spray gun controller and the VirtualPaint software, users will spray 3D parts, which can be static or move at variable speed and spacing on a virtual conveyor.

Videos of the VP3D system in action can be found here.

Coating customisation allows you to create coatings for use in practice or as part of the customisable lesson plans which can navigate trainees through their learning outcomes. Visual and statistical results of the trainees’ applications create immediate, measurable feedback and assessment opportunities which can be easily documented and reported.

The system leads the way to implementing a standardised, cost-effective and sustainable in-house training program that engages students and provides them with better learning outcomes.

Just some of the feedback from our clients’ teachers and students on using VirtualPaint as part of their paint training program:

"The VirtualPaint system is a great piece of technology and has been well received. Students are excited to learn with it and we have noticed clear improvement in the rate of skill and technique development."

“The system teaches you and allows you to practice good habits”

“It really helps with your distance and speed”

To learn more about how a VirtualPaint lab could be of help to your training environment, please contact Training Systems Australia on +613 9557 7993.

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