Power Engineering: Hydrogen, Wind, Hydro, PV…. A New Era of Energy Generation is Emerging

Regular readers will be familiar with the many labs and individual Power Engineering training systems we have installed at Universities, TAFE, Polytechnics and Schools through the region.  Solutions range from individual training resources through to complete Smart Grids.

As global attitudes shift, we are receiving requests to integrate alternative power generation sources alongside traditional generation in our training equipment solutions.  The Lucas-Nülle Smart Grid Lab provides a comprehensive Power Engineering Solution from generation to consumption and management.  These are often best conceptualised through a webinar between your team and ours. Please contact us for your free Power Lab design webinar.

At a more fundamental training level, our leXsolar kits offer ideal entry points to the world of New Energies.  Kits for Hydrogen (H2), Hydropower, Wind, Solar, Thermal and BioFuel to name but a few are available for levels from High School through to University levels.

Click here for an overview of many of these New Energy kits.

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