Electrotechnology: Control Systems & Protective Circuitry

Combining relevant practical activities at the time of acquiring theory and essential knowledge assists many learners with the speed and quality of their knowledge development and retention.  The UniTrain uniquely blends physical experiment hardware, digital courseware and industrial instruments to allow students to experiment and consolidate their knowledge in a modern, engaging and industry-relevant way.  Progress and assessment results are reported on and stored easily for trainers to review.

One of the large number of UniTrain topics is Control Systems & Protective Circuitry. Building on electrical fundamental skills, it covers aspects such as:

  • Familiarisation with control components
  • Planning control projects
  • Testing functionality with circuit simulators
  • Function testing and troubleshooting in control projects

25 different projects cover a suite of common industry activities, including:

  • Star-delta circuit control with and without loads
  • Time-dependent control
  • Various Pump control

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