Electric Vehicles – First Responder & Emergency Services Trainer

Regular readers will know that Lucas-Nülle leads the way in the field of training systems for Electric Vehicle technicians.  Its Hybrid & All Electric Vehicle Trainer is used globally, including at WorldSkills competitions and forming the basis for EV training in major UK and US automotive associations.  The wider range covers underpinning knowledge, safety, practical skills and troubleshooting for all key areas of EVs.

It is clear however that a safe and successful roll-out of EVs in any country requires ensuring that First Responders and Emergency Services personnel are prepared to encounter and safely engage with the technology. 

The First Responder & Emergency Services Trainer for EVs combines practical activities and a range of scenarios that would be encountered by first responders such as Police, Ambulance and Fire Departments as well as Vehicle Recovery and Road-Side Support.  Supported by an extensive e-learning digital curriculum, the training system focuses on preparing responders and reducing the number of incidents leading to accidents in responding to EV emergencies.

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